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Here at Empire Hemp Co., we are committed to creating the highest quality Hemp products for your health, healing, and well being.  We believe that using the finest ingredients available is essential to making an effective topical salves and infused hemp CBD oil. Each of our products is handcrafted with care using both organically grown and wild harvested herbs in New York. Please browse our selection of both Empire Hemp Co. and Dr. Lucina Tuttle brands of topical hemp salves and hemp CBD oils.

Just wanted to tell you guys your Lemon balm Salve that was recommended to me for psoriasis. Has helped so much I’ve been I have tried many many products over the counter and prescription meds which some do kinda work but it’s nothing but chemicals and smells like tar. Your product has nearly cleared it up in a week and smells great.  I thank you Guys! 

Jesus F.

I have experienced back pain for 4 years. Receiving injections and working with a physical therapist. After using this salve for a week. I am Pain free. I highly recommend this product to rid yourself of pain so you can live a fuller and richer life style.

Carol M.

I have had foot pain on and off for months and used the salve for three nights and now no more pain.

Charlene M.

I initially started using this tincture for my back spasms, and it has been so helpful with them. It also works wonders on headaches, cramps, and general body aches – I swear by this stuff! The peppermint also gives it a nice flavor. I would absolutely recommend this!