I don’t think I’d have believed you had you told me that in a few years I’d look at this picture and think of it as anything other than the end point.
Amongst the many endeavors I’d undertaken trying to find my way in the world, the one that lasted the longest was ‘Bicycle Mechanic’. I started as a teenager and had worked all levels of the bike shop business between stints as a contractor or tour guide or any number of other pursuits. Getting this old building together, stocking it and opening the shop was huge.
The shop is still where I’m based. While I’m still doing repairs and tune-ups, I’m no longer selling bikes. In fact it’s been renamed and it’s now ‘Trailside Bicycles and Mercantile’. It’s still all me, well myself and Shelly, but now it’s much more a general store and gift shop and, most excitingly these days, the headquarters of The Empire Hemp Co.
If you are ever in the neighborhood stop by and say hi.